Monitor all of your assets in one hand, anytime and anywhere. Both on land, sea and air


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Advance Platform Cakrawala

Cakrawala is a fleet-management application that is able to control and supervise asset operations with a global reach.

Cakrawala Fleet Management makes it easy for you to make all business decisions related to cost efficiency, productivity, and increasing asset security.


Get to know the greatness of Cakrawala Fleet Management for real

What's Your Business Industries ?

Cakrawala Make Your Operations More Easy

Cakrawala able to report asset positions accurately, and can assist you in a making smart decisions for creating better business operations.
Good business operations will maximize asset performance, cut unnecessary costs, increase safety, and of course can extend the life of vehicle.

Increase Productivity

Reduce Cost

Assets Safety

Key Features

Route Planning

Plan the shortest route to get the fastest travel time on a single travel mission

Route Optimization

When the mission is running, the system will automatically notify you of route changes for get fastest travel time

Real-time tracking

Accurate asset report data, so your vehicle's operating location can always be monitored

Trip History

Trip report data can be stored and can be used for analysis of your business operations.

Assets Management

Managing many assets is no longer a difficult problem. Cakrawala makes it easy to manage multiple assets in one platform. Both assets that move on land, sea and air.

Play Back Generator

Displays a visual asset trip report that can be played and stopped like watching a video.

Anomaly Detection

Cakrawala capable to detecting sudden changes in speed, and giving alerts

Driver Behaviour

Analyzing driver's behavior while driving makes it easier for you to assess the driver's performance

Predictive Fuel Consumption

By including certain variables, Cakrawala is able to provide an estimate of fuel consumption on a single mission.


Limiting the operating area of the asset using a geofence that you can easily make.

Maintenance Warnings

Assets that have worked with a certain mileage, need maintenance to maintain excellent performance.

Weather Report Overlay

Equipped with weather reports around the location of your assets.

Create Peace of Mind

Full control of your assets and increase your productivity!

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