PT Cipta Pernika Nusantara

PT. Cipta Pernika Nusantara (CPN) is a company that provides control systems, monitoring, communication and asset management. Utilize satellites for global networks, modern devices, and smart platforms to increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and safety of your assets. Established since 2001, Cipta Pernika Nusantara has undergone many transformations. We currently focus on satellite-based technology, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Vision & Mission

Most of the regions on our Earth consist of oceans. Land on Earth only covers 30 percent of the Earth’s area, while the area of the oceans reaches 70 percent. To be able to explore entire exotic world with safely and pleasantly, a communication technology is needed that can work in all areas of sea, land & air.

The problem is, the communication infrastructure on the earth’s land does not cover all areas, such as forests and thousand’s small islands. Pernika, as a technology company, present the courage to provide communication technology that can cover all regions in the world with affordable price. Not only that, Pernika is also able to provide reliable integration system solutions for creating Maritime Surveillance Systems, Interoperability Systems, Darkship Monitoring Systems, Airborne Communication Systems, Fleet management Systems, etc. is a collaboration platform with customers. Not only looking for solutions together, every business benefit from this collaboration is also a mutual benefit. Our clients have realised that technology can bring a positive impact to increase productivity, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase safety. Therefore, we continue to research and develop new products and services to helping to increase client’s business profit.

Why Choose Us?

Why The answer is very simple. Our solutions will bring you to peace of mind, because control asset is in your hands. Whenever and wherever your assets operate in the world, our solutions keep you always connected to your assets.

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